середа, 31 серпня 2011 р.


Today is a start of a new season, new trends and new everything. We can wear nice comfy scarfs and cardingand and have a cinnamon-taste desserets, welcome autumn!
I need this balm, why it's available only for Maybelline Australia?!

вівторок, 30 серпня 2011 р.

Prada Candy!

My new macaroon  scent craving is Prada Candy! Can't wait the launch)))))

I Don't Know How She Doest It!

Again, Sarah and Pierce are totally glam even through the ages! I hope I'll be so stylish and cool in middle-ages, just like her.
New film to me (according to a trailer) something like "Devil Wears Prada" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic" at the same time.
An I think it'll be a perfect weekend-movie , with shopping and coffee , just right for a cold and full of work September.
Check it out!
Of course New York! I love you NY!
and you'll be mine one day!
Hello, September!

неділя, 28 серпня 2011 р.

New York, New York!

New York, New York, the city of y dreams! 
I know  that childish wish upon a star will come true))))
God please help me))))) 


Last night I watched Friend WIth Benefits  - such a new classic!
Also I was impressed by Mila Kunis's acting skills and how fit she looks!
Hope to get into the same shape!
Elle August 2011

She looks naturally even with sandwich!
Black Swan - ballerina fit!

субота, 27 серпня 2011 р.

Macarooni night out!

Well, today I had a completely girl-night out with spa with my mom "lazy Saturday afternoon" and then macaroons and latte with a friend of mine.

Then - of course shopping!
Check out new collection of Kira Plastinina:
Kira for Lindsay:
Totally love it!

пʼятниця, 26 серпня 2011 р.

Parlez-vous Français?

Well, how can I get French classes? I do not have tutor I do not have connections, but only my will is "on"/
What a hell ......
Blake Lively was attending French courses, hope I'll do the same...

четвер, 25 серпня 2011 р.

New Itaian shoes!!!

Today I bought new shoes! Hope they will be lucky and right! And hope someday my "new shoes"will be Manolo's .
Well, also I am thinking about my little J - best friend , who is really supportive!
Love you, sweetheart!

середа, 24 серпня 2011 р.


Well, I hope someday it will be lunch at 4 seasouns, NY, but that night it was lunch in Season's Brasserie - n a capitol of Moldova, Chisnau.
Well, coffee was really sweet and totally Italian....'Cause this time it's Italian week in it, so the desserts too
Pics are courtesy of http://www.allmoldova.com/catering/restaurants/seasons-brasserie/news/1249069538.html

субота, 13 серпня 2011 р.

On http://pinterest.com/pin/107558960/
I found this pic: Cute owl and I think saying is quite true)))))
Because why people like you or not depends not on what you have, but on who you are.
Another one - ice cream, or you can replace - macaroon, tiramisu, chocolate or any way of "happy" product , which is full of carbs, but in some cases it's "the first aid".
And that's my varian - Keep calm and eat a cupcakes! Soon I 'll make a detailed post how to make cupcakes! I love pastry and baking! But I am newcomer in it, so ...

Hey, new day SaturDay!

Lazy weekend morning with a cup of green-tea, cheking out fave shopping sites and considering how to pack properly))))))
Hope when I'll go back I will look like that:
sunkissed Blake Lively's look is gorgeous))))
Love her princess-like look)))))With gold maxi skirt and sandals, so greeeky!

пʼятниця, 12 серпня 2011 р.

New post, new toast!

Hello everyone,
I am just little girl in a big world, with big dreams about BIG FASHION , CITY (well, NY particularry) and somehow I'm gonna manage to make all the things right in my life!

Hope God will be kind for me)))))

I want to post about fashion, style, psychology, friendship, food, well, eveythings that comes up to my mind))))
I want you all yo raise your glasses and toast with me, to our dreams!
Hope they will come true)))
1) I want to be famous doctor!
2) I want to live in a big city!
3) NYFW!
Thank you )